Unit Guidelines

Units must be empty, clean and broom-swept upon vacancy. If there are items left behind (i.e. furniture, bags, boxes, pallets, etc.) you will not get your deposit back. If we need to do any cleaning, sweeping, or patching of tears in the ceiling, you will be charged a fee of up to $25. Please help us maintain the cleanliness of our storage facility by keeping your unit area clean.

Insurance is Your Responsibility

We do not send bills. Rent is due monthly and prior to your anniversary date.

We ask for a minimum rental of one month. No refunds will be credited once the unit is rented for 24 hours. There will be no prorated refunds for unused days. If you vacate the unit before your anniversary date, you are paid up until your anniversary date. If you vacate on or after your anniversary date you are charged an additional months rent.

Non-Storage Items

Customers shall not store food perishable items, weapons, guns, ammunition, drugs, explosives, any hazardous/dangerous materials. We discourage you from storing antiques, collectibles or items valued over $5,000.

It is your responsibility to notify us, by phone or in writing, of any changes in address, phone number, credit card number, expiration date, etc.

Vacating Procedures

Tenants must give a five day written notice including unit number and vacate date before vacating. If you fail to notify the office when you vacate, and it is on or past your due date you will be responsibile for an additional month's rent.

Management reserves the right to vacate a unit out of our system if we do not find a lock on your unit and the unit is empty. You are responsible for having a lock on your unit at all times.

Click here to fill out the Vacate Notice form online

Click here to download the Vacate Notice form

*If you go up for auction three times you will be required to vacate after the 3rd time, No Exceptions!