Storage Suggestions

Below are some storage suggestions to help you get the most space out of your unit, and to ensure the safety of all items stored.

When Storing Furniture

Take the furniture apart, if possible. Make sure to mark the parts so you can easily reassemble them. You should leave covers/sheets on furniture, if you have any, as this will protect your furniture.

Put any screws/bolts from the disassembled furniture into a plastic bag. Keep the bag somewhere safe, and avoid taping it to any furniture.

To Prevent Scratching Furniture

For chairs, you should cover the legs and arms with bubble wrap/newspaper. Stack them seat-to-seat with paper or cloth between them.

You may also want to lay a pallet, or a sheet of plastic, on the floor of the storage unit.

When Storing Appliances

Large Appliances

Leave doors slightly ajar. Make sure to clean you refrigerator/freezer prior to storing; any moisture or mildew may damage it. Defrost your refrigerator/freezer.

Make sure to also drain your washing machine and tie down all doors/parts that are moveable.

Storing items inside your larger appliances will also give you additional space in your unit.

Small Appliances

Put the appliance in the box that it came in, if possible, and place wadded newspaper inside the box.

When Storing Precious Breakable Items

Tip bowls, saucers and plates on their sides. Use a dish pack divider for enhanced security. Wrap the items separately prior to storing in dish pack box. Wrap the items with bubble wrap and cover them with linens for additional protection. Use newspaper on the inside edges and corners of your boxes.

Small Expensive Items

Store them in the back of the storage space in unmarked boxes and place large items such as furniture/beds in front of them.

When Storing Clothing

Use wardrobe boxes, which allow you to store your clothing on hangers and save the shape of the garments. Leave smaller garments in drawers.

When Storing Household Items


Cushion the space between each piece of kitchenware with newspaper.


Place the curtains in a wardrobe box. Place the curtain rod materials in plastic bags and tape them to the curtain rod.


Wrap both the shade and the base in bubble wrap and store in boxes.

Mirrors and Artwork

Wrap larger mirrors and paintings in newspaper and cover in cardboard. Wrap smaller mirrors in newspaper and pack in boxes.

When Storing Paper Items Such as Books and Files

Use file boxes for your important documents. Place plastic sheeting on top of pallets to protect them from moisture. Fill any empty space in your boxes and stack the books flat to prevent movement.

When Storing Tools/Gardening Equipment

Tie all long-handled tools together. (i.e. hoes, shovels, rakes, etc.) Pack hammers and other small tools in boxes.