Unit Prices

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Money Orders. Automatic monthly payment options are available upon request.

If you write a check and it bounces you will be locked out of your unit immediately. Furthermore, we will not accept another check from you for at least one year. You will also be charged bounced check fees.

Prices by Size

Sizes Monthly Rates Clean Up Deposit Square Footage Possible Content
5x10 $70.00 $40.00 50/SF Hall Closet or Small Bedroom
5x15 $80.00 $40.00 75/SF Walk-in-Closet or Studio Apartment
10x8 $90.00 $40.00 80/SF Studio Apartment or Small Office
10x10 $100.00 $40.00 100/SF Regular Size Bedroom or 2 Room Apartment
10x15 $125.00 $50.00 150/SF

One Car Garage or 2-3 Bedroom Apartment

10x20 $145.00 $85.00 200/SF 3-4 Bedroom House or Large Office
10x25 $180.00 $100.00 250/SF Furnishings of a 4-5 Room House
10x30 $200.00 $100.00 300/SF 4-5 Large Rooms of a House/Apartment

All rental units have 9ft. high ceilings and are made of a concrete/metal design.
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Late Fees

Starts From/Including Day of Rental

Sixth Day (Lockout) $20.00
Fifteenth Day $7.00
Twenty-Fifth Day $7.00
Third Letter Fee $2.50
Thirty-Day Lien Notice $50.00 (Auction)